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Email for a detailed quote suited to your needs

Site Design

    • Planning the content and structure of your website with you.
    • Developing a unique look in line with your goals (or giving your existing site a ‘makeover’ )
    • The option of clean, simple sites or elaborate graphic-rich sites or self-updating sites or blogs.
    • Preparing unique, customised graphic images and icons for your website.
    • Offering editorial and publishing skills to assist you with the text content of your site.
    • Producing the interactive content for your website – response and order forms, questionnaires, social media links, etc
    • Ensuring your site works well on all platforms, cell phone, tablets, various browsers.

Site Updating

    • You can choose if you’d like a site you can update yourself.
    • If you’d rather have your site updated occasionally by me,  just send an email when you need things changed, I will respond within 24 hours of receiving info.

Domain Registration

    • Arranging domain registration for you and ensuring it is renewed each year on time. Many domains are lost because the owner missed the renewal reminder. I make sure this never happens.
    • Email accounts on your domain

Site Hosting

    • My server is based in the USA and is constantly monitored with full back up service
    • Your annual hosting package includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space
    • You have a full-service control-panel where you can access detailed statistics, set up emails, install programmes yourself if needed.

Internet Marketing

    • Submitting your website to Internet search engines and directories.
    • Design of banner ads and other Internet promotional material.
    • Stats reporting and ranking analysis on the major search engines
    • Key word optimisation