Africa Insites is a freelance Web Design service run by Angie Curtis.

” My web development experience began with an extensive travel guide to Zambia in 1997 which is still the most visited site on tourism in Zambia and well known as the official Guide to Zambia.

I now have over 60 permanent clients who’s sites I have designed and have been hosting and managing… some for over eiighteen years. My rates are very competitive and my forté is fast, reliable support, personal service and creative focus on what you need.

My enthusiasm for new projects is backed by my specialist services in the registering, planning, design, hosting, updating and promotion of your website.

All sites are designed and managed by me personally and hosted on my dedicated Internet server which is based in the USA with 24/7 support.

I travel around, but can usually be found either in Lusaka or Cape Town or somewhere in between, but always online.


  • I approach designs from the perspective of the user and aim to produce fast loading, easy to navigate sites that deliver your content effectively
  • I can create sites that represent your company visually as an online brochure, and handle all the updates to leave you to do what you do best, or,   if you need an interactive site that allows you to update the pages and photographs, this can be done too.
  • I am very cost-effective in comparison with other organisations because I keep my overheads low.
  • With my experience in maintaining many sites on which the content changes frequently, I’ve become expert at updating contents quickly  and accurately.
  • With my combination of linguistic, artistic and other editorial skills, I pay attention to detail to ensure that websites are error-free.
  • I have access to a vast library of images to help illustrate your site appropriately.


Send me an email for a free quote based on your particular needs.